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Maria Assumpta Convent Sr. Secondary School is a minority Institution (Constitution of India Act, 30). It is a recoganized but un aided English Medium School, established and administered by Roman Catholic Diocese of Bareilly, a charitable Society (Registered Society) It was registered in Bareilly on 13.4.1989 under the Societies registration Act XXI of 1860.

Maria Assumpta Convent Sr. Secondary School was founded on June 1988. It was established by the then Roman Catholic Diocese of Lucknow with the object of imparting modern education primarily to Catholic Students in a manner that would conserve their “RELIGION, LANGUAGE, SCRIPT AND CULTURE”, but is open to all, irrespective of region, colour, caste, creed.

This Institution is situated in the out skirts of Kashipur and is therefore, an ideal Institution for parents/guardians to whom the health of the children is matter of great importance. It's imposing building is equipped with electric lights and fans, with it’s hall, well stocked library, Science laboratories, Reading Room, spacious room and large play ground for foot ball, hockey, cricket, basket ball, volley ball, badminton, Kho-kho and athletics. The school can be compared with the best institution in Uttrakhand.